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Your stay in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC)

Williamsburg is a neighbourhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn (the others are Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island). Williamsburg is something like a new Soho (where artists – but not yet expensive internationally known boutiques – came).

A large number of artists started to move to this area in the 80’s. Until the first half of the 90’s Williamsburg remained a neighbourhood like any other, with a big Hebraic community as well as with smaller international community (Italian, German, Dominican, Portorican and so on). However, the rental boom in Manhattan brought about rapid demographical changes. Young people, as well as traditional dwellers of Manhattan, moved to Williamsburg in order to escape from the rising prices, as well as to discover the new culture of the place. Nowadays there are many art studios and galleries.

Barclays Stadium and Brooklyn’s growing real estate

Brooklyn and its new arena

Brooklyn and its new arena

This borough of New York is going through a rebirth. It has become the dwelling of writers and artists. Brooklyn is no longer just a place to live — it’s a place to visit.

The new home of the Brooklyn Nets is located in the heart of Brooklyn, where three avenues converge: Atlantic, Fourth and Flatbush Avenues. It took nine years and some 35 court battles to build the billion-dollar stadium, which is the most high-tech stadium in sports. At its opening, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the project has created more than 1,500 jobs.

The opening of the Barclays Center is a symbol of Brooklyn’s astonishing rise in recent years as a sought-after destination for people from all over the globe. Large swaths of Brooklyn are actually starting to look a whole lot like Manhattan. The borough of about 2.5 million residents draws its own share of tourists who want to stroll down Brooklyn Heights’ charming brownstone-lined streets or shop in Williamsburg’s chic boutiques.

For more details or any information about New York apartments call our Brooklyn office at +1 (212) 689 6606. Find out more on our website.

New York’s American Museum of Natural History

Visit this extraordinary museum!

Visit this extraordinary museum!

New York has got some of the best museums in the world. We have already talked about the Met, (Metropolitan Museum of Art), which is dedicated to the works of art of different populations at different periods. The American Museum of Natural History, as its name suggests, is the reign of the past and the present of nature’s creatures: flora, fauna and minerals. Its exhibitions are very didactic and interactive. Permanent exhibitions include primitive people’s artifacts, animals – extinct and ocean animals -, reproductions of trees and temporary exhibitions. The top floor’s main exhibit is on dinosaurs, which seems the most popular because it is the most populated! But, overall, there is just so much to see there that you simply cannot stay there less than a day. Like the Met, the Museum of Natural History has its suggested admission fee but does not require people pay an admission fee – you can make a donation and you can still get in.

Find out more about our Short-term apartment rentals in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. New York city boasts an exceptional metro and bus system, so wherever you decide to accommodate it is very easy and quick to go from one borough to the other.

Last but not least, the Museum of Natural History was dedicated to President Theodore Roosevelt, the American president who inspired a department store to create teddy bears when he refused to shoot a bear cub when out hunting. Definitely worth a visit and you can combine it with a healthy walk in Central Park. Arctophiles (teddy bear lovers), bring your teddy here for a picture with Teddy Roosevelt!

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