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URBANLIVING is a licensed real estate agency specializing in short-term, vacation and long-term New York accommodations for travelers and expatriates looking for weekly or monthly rentals in furnished and unfurnished apartments in New York City. We have an inventory of over 6,000 New York City apartment listings with 1,500 to view on-line at any time. Our clients are on vacation, a business trip, have received an internship, or need an accommodation due to corporate relocation in New York. Working with our multilingual and professional team, you will gain access to comprehensive and up-to-the-minute knowledge about the local housing options. Our New York based agents show clients the best available options in every New York City borough and neighborhood. They broker successful shared rentals and find furnished/unfurnished flats in New York for our clients. Our agents also work closely with out-of-town clients so they can step off the plane and go directly to their new apartment. We are located in the heart of Manhattan at 1178 Broadway.

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Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Erkan ES Erkan ES
+1 (646) 374 8938
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Coordinator / Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker

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+1 (646) 374 8947
+1 (646) 514 4748
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General Manager / Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker

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Jeanne SOME
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+1 (646) 514 1934
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Licensed Real Estate Broker

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+1 (646) 374 8930
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President / Licensed Real Estate Broker

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Vacation Rental and Sublet rental in New York
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